Marigolds and Harvards

Marigolds and Harvards
Wood, acrylic paint
Proposed dimensions:
height from floor to top: 126 in. (320 cm)
span: 132 in. (335 cm)

The Harvard was the only aircraft I actually saw flying in my youth. It was a daily sight in Canadian skies, a constant audible, yellow presence that I associated with happiness and a nurturing environment. The fact that the pilots flying them were training for eventual combat never occured to me. The Harvards overlapped in clusters of formations, their wings stepped up and staggered through the blue ether above us

In this piece five Harvard wings overlap to create steps leading from the lower left up into a small lawn space enclosed by beds of marigolds: bright yellow, gold and orange. It is a warm, intimate space. It is a child’s space, naive and safe.

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