Human Figure

Unknown to all but a few, David More since the mid-80s has been developing works in his studio based on the human figure.

Canadian Windows

While living on Vancouver Island in the early 1980s More began searching for a way to engage the presence of the figure with his love of the landscape.

Having viewed David Hockneyʼs Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Percy at Londonʼs Tate Gallery in 1977, More revelled in its illuminating use of a contained landscape space in an interior incorporating full-figure portraits. More began a series of drawings he would call Canadian Windows. He began posing friends and neighbours in front of, or near their picture windows, noting that how people positioned themselves and decorated their interior spaces affected the viewerʼs perception of the landscape. To date these images have evolved into five large canvases.

Click here for three of the Canadian Windows and drawings of several others.

Shore Figures

Another series began to form in the last decade under the title Shore Figures. Residing near the Alberta resort town of Sylvan Lake has allowed More to observe the shifting culture of the popular prairie beach. Photographing at random the thousands of beach – goers on hot summer days, More became cognizant of the blend of ethnic origins, of costumes, of shapes, colours and sizes of figures in the mingling crowds. Large mixed-media drawings evolved in which he would select a pose that caught his vision and initiate the composition. Another photo would reveal a pose that
worked off the first, and so. Figures overlap, blend and fuse with each other, foregoing perspective… depth is compressed, scale gives way to movement and placement… the lakeʼs horizon the only constant in each image. These works continue to evolve, with some being translated into large paintings under the theme title Shore Figures.

Recent oils

The landscape is a constant factor in most of David Moreʼs work, regardless of the theme he is pursuing. Some recent examples are shown here.

His smaller oils may be seen at:

Edge Gallery in Canmore, Alberta and
612 Spring Creek Drive, Canmore

Wallace Galleries in Calgary, Alberta
500-5th Avenue S.W. , Calgary

And by appointment at the studio:

5109 – 49 St.
Benalto, AB

Telephone 403-746-3429

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