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Cockpit Bower

In the three-dimensional Cockpit Bower I’m taken back to my very early childhood memory of the aircraft graveyard, to the broken instrument panels, the derelict interiors, the claustrophobic compression experienced in the Lancaster and the wrecked fighter plane.

Emulating those experiences, a narrow wooden bower constructed with translucent canopy shapes entwined with netting and vines will invite the viewer in. The far end of the bower will have the low face of a burnt-out instrument panel and be enclosed by a canopy shape based on that of a fighter plane. It will be positioned vertically to indicate a nose-down attitude. On top, running the full length of the bower will be a mock-up of a Lancaster canopy. The “glass” of the canopies will be translucent, hand-made paper giving an opaque sense of enclosed light. Interwoven will be leaves and vines, as if the entire shape is being overgrown with the passage of time. Lighting, perhaps from below, will be important to mimic the sensation of probing searchlights and add to the sense of cloistered space.